Azul Wasi Orphanage

Azul Wasi was founded on 31st August 2002 by Alcides Jordan, Jhonny Olaza and Jackeline Olaza. Their motto is “Rights – Faith – Study – Development – Progress”. Their objectives are to develop and maximize the full potential of young people and children in high risk situations, living on the streets of Cusco, Peru. Azul Wasi works in association with Colibri Community Center that develops educational and health programs for high risk children on the streets of Cusco, Peru.

The founders of Connecting Borders Foundation has been working with Azul Wasi since 2005. To date Connecting Borders has provided funding and volunteers and completed a greenhouse, a new building with bathrooms and showers with hot water, purchased food, clothes, education supplies, and many other items.

Azul Wasi Images

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