Board Members

Tiffany Brown – President

Tiffany Brown lives with her husband and 2 children in Washington State.  She owns a stationery boutique and works out of her home.  She became passionate about helping children in Peru after a volunteer trip where she worked at an orphanage in Lucre, Peru.  She fell in love with the children and adopted her oldest son from the orphanage.  She and her husband continued in their fundraising efforts and helped to found Connecting Borders Foundation.

Mark Brown – Vice-President

Mark Brown lives in Kirkland with his wife and two sons, one of whom he and his wife adopted from an orphanage in Peru. Mark moved to the Seattle area to work at Microsoft and has been there for over 11 years now in a variety of technical and business roles. Mark enjoys the great cuisine in the Seattle area and in his spare time enjoys golfing, finding Zen working in his garden. However, most of the time when Mark is not working or playing with his family he can often be found sleeping.

Joel Nix – Secretary/Treasurer

Joel became involved with helping children in Peru in 2005 after hearing about Tiffany’s trip.  He has visited Peru twice since then, including a 2 month stay in 2009 where he spent his days working on various projects at the Azul Wasi orphanage.  He is currently spearheading the next major project by creating the CBF Education Network.

Pete Schlaefer

Pete visited Peru in 2009 with some college friends.  He was taken out to Azul Wasi for 1 day and played soccer with the boys.  After that 1 visit, he knew he had to do something to continue the support for Azul Wasi, and children like them.  He contacted Connecting Borders Foundation in 2009 and was invited to become a Board Member in 2010.  He lives in San Francisco, Ca.

Mario Cavero

Mario met Tiffany and Mark and was touched by their adoption story.  Being Peruvian, Mario understands the problems Peruvian children face and wanted to be involved and to do as much as possible to help.  Mario has 2 jobs.  The first is full time at a law firm where he works as an Office Services Manager in Seattle, WA.  His second job is his family, and his long term partner is a job and a half.

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